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Release Note 20180201

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the February 1st, 2018 release. If you have any product feature requests, submit them at

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Hive: IP Lookup UDFs

We’ve added 13 new Hive UDFs that look up information from the IP. These UDFs are useful for adding context information for Weblogs ingested via the Treasure Data JavaScript SDK.

You might notice occasional, inconsistent results between Hive and Presto geolocation functions. Both Hive and Presto UDFs use a geolocation database supplied by MaxMind. However, due to release schedules, the release level of the MaxMind database used by Hive and Presto might be different.

An example of different results is as follows:

jobid     type td_ip_to_city_name_v6 td_ip_to_latitude_v6 td_ip_to_longitude_v6 td_ip_to_postal_code_v6
218018944 hive Tokyo 35.685 139.7514 102-0082
218019099 presto 35.6594 139.8533 134-0087

Console: Workflow UI

We are getting ready to release our new version of Workflow UI for General Availability! It’s currently in active use by 40 accounts, and we look forward to transferring the rest of our customers in February. This impacts the User Interface for workflow, but not the core system.

You’ll be notified separately when the new UI will be made available for you. We will keep the previous online for at least one month, to give our customers time to transition over. After this time period, we will remove availability of the old UI.

In January, we released the following improvements to the Workflow UI in Private Availability.

  • Improvement to the “Run” flow, making it clearer how to run a new session, or rerun an old session.
  • You can search for project names, as well as workflow names.

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