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Release Note 20180101

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the January 1st, 2018 release. If you have any product feature requests, submit them at

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Input: Facebook Page Insights

The Data Connector for Facebook Page Insights enables users to import page and post metrics, such as demographics, video-views and impressions.

Input: Instagram User and Media Insights

The Data Connector for Instagram User and Media Insights enables users to import user and media metrics such as impressions and engagement.

Input: Twitter Audience Insights

The Data Connector for Twitter Audience Insights enables users to import demographic metrics for Twitter Audiences.

Input: Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) Data Extensions

The Data Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) now enables users to import Data Extension data.

Input: SFTP/FTP and Amazon S3 Zip Decoder Support

The Data Connector for SFTP/FTP and Amazon S3 now supports a decoder for single zip files. When you configure your SFTP/FTP or Amazon S3 connector from the CLI (td toolbelt), add two lines in the configuration file:

  - type: single_file_in_zip

Contact us for details.

Input: PostgreSQL Array Type Support

The Data Connector for PostgreSQL now enables users to import array type data as string type.

Hive: Approximate Aggregation UDFs

Two approximate aggregation UDFs (approx_count_distinct() and approx_distinct()) were added via Hivemall library update.

Console: Usability Improvements

We’ve completed the following Usability Improvements for Console this month:

  • Deep Linking has been added, to allow linking to configuration and saved connection modal steps. These types of links are helpful when collaborating with others on a configuration.
  • For the new Workflow UI (Private Access), we now provide links to the Query Job for failed tasks. Previously, we provided this link only for successful tasks.
  • We updated the project revision history list for workflow. The terminology used and the list view are easier to understand.

Workflow UI (Private Access): Create Workflow Template

We’ve updated the create experience for enhanced usability, providing templates and a visual picture of the workflow you’re about to create, a drop down list of current projects that you can add the workflow to, along with an improved navigational flow.

Run History

Edit Workflow in Console

We’ll be adding additional workflow templates to the set provided in January.

Output: S3 supports Server-Side Encryption

S3 output now supports AES-256 Server-Side Encryption.

Output: ElasticCloud supports Null Values

ElasticCloud now supports exporting null values.

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