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Release Note 20171101

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the November 1st, 2017 release. If you have any product feature requests, submit them at

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Workflow Enhanced User Interface (Private Beta)

Run History

Edit Workflow in Console

Session Details

Version List

We continue our private availability for our new Treasure Workflow web user interface experience. We are currently in Private Beta.

With the new experience, you can create and edit of workflows directly from your web browser, utilize quickstart templates, more easily find and debug workflow errors, and view history of edits to a workflow project.

In October, we released the following improvements to this new experience:

  • Updated our Workflow UI edit experience, based on feedback, to enhance ease of use.
  • Workflow Create modal now allow users to add workflows to already created projects.
  • Improved Workflow Delete to allow user to select whether to delete the individual workflow or the entire project.
  • Improved error message related to when a user tries to run an already run session.
  • Updated status icons & naming to clarify all states generally. And especially for states after a workflow is killed.

If you are interested in joining the private access of this new UI, and have not already requested access, complete this sign-up form, or contact your account representative.

Collection: JavaScript SDK v1.8.6

JavaScript SDK v1.8.6 was released, which includes minor bug fixes and improvements.

Collection: Marketo Leads, Activity, and Campaign Data

Marketo’s data connector can now ingest Leads data, including Leads by Static List and Members by Program, as well as Activity and Campaign data.

Collection: Zuora Billing Preview Run

Zuora’s data connector can now ingest Billing Preview Run data.

Output: Result Output to Marketo

Now you can export Treasure Data’s query result into Marketo. With this feature, you export leads to target lists that you can then use to better target your campaigns.

Presto: IP look up UDFs

We’ve added 3 new UDFs that look up subdivision information such as US states or Japan prefecture from the IP. These UDFs are useful for adding context information for Weblogs ingested via Treasure DataJavaScript SDK.

Integration: Apache Spark Driver v0.3.2

td-spark library was upgraded to v0.3.2, and includes bug fixes for null value handling.

Console Improvements

  • Enabled “default timezone” option for Data Transfers. Defines the time zone of the ‘time’ columns if the value itself doesn’t include a time zone.
  • Released Private Access to pagination of Table list page. Pagination helps to speed up page load time in the console.

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