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Release Note 20170901

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the September 1st, 2017 release. If you have any product feature requests, please submit your comments at

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Workflow Enhanced User Interface (Private Alpha)

Run History

Edit Workflow in Console

Session Details

Version List

We will be releasing Private Alpha for a new Treasure Workflow web user interface experience in September. This new experience provides the following new functionality & benefits:

  • Ability to create & edit workflows directly from your web browser
  • Get started easily with our quickstart templates
  • Improved experience for finding, and debugging, errors in your workflow
  • View history if who & when previous edited to your workflow were made
  • Improved navigation experience

There are more improvements planned before we release this new UI experience for General Availability. If you are interested in joining the early access release, please fill out this form, or contact your account representative or product ( Alpha will be available in late September.

Storage: Table Delete Protection

We now offer table delete protection. You can prevent deletion of tables that contain critical data that your company requires to be maintained over time. The strict implementation of this feature prevents any user from running DELETE queries, deleting a table outright, or replacing the data within a table in any capacity.

You can enable this feature on a per table basis by submitting a support request. Contact support or your account representatives with a list of tables you’d like to protect.

Presto: Performance Improvements

We recently released changes to our Presto system to improve two core components:

  • Efficiency of query result writing has doubled for CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO statements. Leading to reduced query execution time and a nearly 30% improvement in the efficiency.
  • Significantly reduced the “query planning time”, which most significantly improved the runtime of shorter, under 1 minute, queries.

Output: Result Output to Google Adwords

Now you can export Treasure Data’s query result into Google Adwords, via DoubleClick Data Platform. With this feature, you can create custom audiences or enhance existing audience list to better target your ads.

Collection: Unity SDK v0.1.11

This version of Unity SDK v0.1.11 adds a support feature for Development. You can test TD Unity SDK behavior without running the apps on real devices.

BI: Domo Connector

Domo has built a native connector to talk with Treasure Data. Beta testing is complete and now this connector is available for everyone.

Console Improvements

We have made the following improvements to the console:

  • “Copy to Clipboard” command is now also available on the Jobs page, as long as the result size is small enough for such an operation.
  • Removed link to the User Profile page in the Saved Queries & Database lists, to help prevent accidental links to the wrong page.

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