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Release Note 20170501

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the May 1st, 2017 release. If you have any product feature request, please file it at

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Security: SSAE 16 Audit Completion (SOC 2 Type 2)

We’ve been diligently working for improving our security last 2 years. In addition to ISO 27001 and EU Privacy Shield registration last month, we have finished successful completion of SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 audit by accredited external auditors.

Collection: Branch Metrics Integration

Now you can ingest data from Branch Metrics linking infrastructure.

Collection: iOS SDK v0.1.24

iOS SDK v0.1.24 was released. This version calls onSuccess of uploadEventsWithCallback even when buffered data is empty.

Workflow: Version 0.9.10

Workflow has been upgraded 2 version to v0.9.10, which includes some bug fixes & a few updates. Including the ability to use task_name as a built-in variable. You can read more about the updates here:

Output: Result Output to Elastic Cloud

Now you can export Treasure Data’s query result into Elastic Cloud, hosted and managed Elasticsearch service provided by Elastic.

Private Availability

Presto: Resource Pool (Private Beta)

We have developed new Presto’s feature called Resource Pool, to isolate the resources between multiple workloads. For example, you can split Presto units for batch workloads and ad-hoc workloads. This prevents ad-hoc workloads to interfere production workloads.

Currently we’re out of private alpha, and would like to try out with more customers. If you’re an administrator use and interested in trying the feature, please contact

Presto: Query DataTank (Private Beta)

DataTank provide easy access to your aggregated metrics through convenient, fully hosted data marts on Treasure Data’s core platform. They can be used to drive a variety of external business intelligence and visualization applications without the hassle of manually hosting and maintaining your own PostgreSQL instances.

This new feature allows users of DataTank to run queries against their DataTank instance from Presto! This means any Presto query referencing their DataTank instance will (1) launch PostgreSQL queries against the DataTank instance, (2) retrieve the result, and then (3) use that result to complete the original Presto query.

If you’re an administrator use and interested in trying the feature, please contact or your primary Treasure Data account representative.

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