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Release Note 20170201

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the February 1st, 2017 release. If you have any product feature request, please file it at

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Console: Sidebar Collapse

Now you can collapse the sidebar to use more screen spaces for your operations such as editing SQL queries.

Collection: Data Connector for Stripe

By using this feature, you can import report data from Stripe without any need for coding. You can schedule daily data imports as well. This feature is currently in public beta, and scheduled to be GA in February.

Collection: Pixel Tracking

Now we have Pixel Tracking API, which returns 1x1 gif pixel while tracking user’s behaviors.

Collection: td-agent v3.0.0 (Experimental)

td-agent v3.0.0, new experimental version of td-agent, was released. This includes numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.

We still recommend td-agent v2 for production use, but you can see what’s coming in v3 such as native multi-process support.

Collection: Unreal Engine SDK

We have released new SDK for Unreal Engine, a game engine developed by Epic Games. Now you can collect any events within games developed by Unreal Engine, by using Blueprints.

Collection: Filtering Columns for Data Connectors

remove_columns filter is supported for all Data Connectors. This is supported only from YAML configuration file at the moment.

Workflow: td_run Operator supports Query ID

Now td_run operator supports Query ID, in addition to Query Name.

Workflow: Amazon Redshift Operators

With our ambition of handling multi-cloud workflow, we have added Amazon Redshift operators for Treasure Workflow. Now you can create robust data pipeline, which fully utilizes Treasure Data and Redshift.

Workflow: td_load supports Secrets

Now you can use Secrets with td_load operator, which executes Data Connectors.

Private Availability

Presto: Resource Pool (Private Alpha)

We have developed new Presto’s feature called Resource Pool, to isolate the resources between multiple workloads. For example, you can split Presto units for batch workloads and ad-hoc workloads. This prevents ad-hoc workloads to interfere production workloads.

Currently we’re testing with a couple of selected customers. If you’re an administrator use and interested in trying the feature, please contact

Integration: Apache Spark Driver (Private Alpha)

td-spark library was upgraded for newly released Apache Spark v2.1.0. If you’re interested in trying the feature, please contact

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