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Release Note 20160701

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the July 1, 2016 release. If you have any product feature request, please file it at

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Console: New Web Console Public Beta

We’ve been working on rebuilding our Web console from scratch for better usability, performance, and maintainability.


Query Editor

Now we’re happy to announce everyone can use new web console, in parallel with the previous one. You can find “TRY NEW VERSION” button at the top menu of the console. If you’re interested in beta testing, please contact

Collection: iOS SDK v0.1.17

iOS SDK v0.1.17 was released. This version is able to track session better, when users transition the screen in a short period of time.

Collection: Android SDK v0.1.13

Android SDK v0.1.13 was released. This version has minor bug fixes and improvements.

Collection: Data Connector for MongoDB

By using this feature, you can import data from MongoDB with any need for coding. You can schedule daily data imports as well.

Collection: JavaScript SDK supports 3rd-party Cookie-Based ID

JavaScript SDK now supports 3rd-party cookie-based ID generation, which allows you to analyze behaviors multiple domains.

To enable this feature, please just add one line to your javascript snippet. This will add the new column td_global_id to the result table.

// Enable cross-domain tracking
td.set('$global', 'td_global_id', 'td_global_id');

Also, please make sure you’re using JavaScript SDK version 1.5.2 or newer. This feature is not working for browsers, which blocks 3rd party cookie by default (e.g. Safari, etc).

Machine Learning: Hivemall v0.4.2-rc2

Hivemall was upgraded to v0.4.2-rc.

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