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Release Note 20160501

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the May 1, 2016 release. If you have any product feature request, please file it at

Table of Contents

Collection: Zapier Integration

Now you can import data from Zapier to Treasure Data, and unlocks another 500+ data sources.

Collection: Android SDK v0.1.12

Android SDK v0.1.12 was released. Now you can configure session timeout duration by the TreasureData.setSessionTimeoutMilli() function.

Collection: iOS SDK v0.1.14

iOS SDK v0.1.14 was released. This fixes a race condition which could cause the application to crash. Upgrade to this version is recommended.

Collection: Data Connector for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

By using this feature, you can import data from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage with any need for coding. You can schedule daily data imports as well.

Output: Result Output to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Now you can export Treasure Data’s query results into Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

Output: Result Output to SFTP

Now you can export Treasure Data’s query result into an SFTP server.

Output: Result Output to Liveramp

Now you can export Treasure Data’s query results into the Liveramp data connectivity platform.

Presto: Upgraded to 0.144

Presto is upgraded to version 0.144 from version 0.141. These changes include various feature additions, bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Presto version 0.144 release note
  • Presto version 0.143 release note
  • Presto version 0.142 release note

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