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Release Note 20151101

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the November 1, 2015 release:

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Collection: Data Connector for Mixpanel

By using this feature, you can import data from Mixpanel without coding anything. You can schedule daily data import as well.
For further information visit Data Connector for Mixpanel.

Output: Result Output to BigQuery

Now you can export Treasure Data’s query result into Google BigQuery with 1 click.
Please visit this page for more info: Writing Job Result into Google BigQuery.

Output: Result Output to Tableau for v9.1

Result Output to Tableau Server now supports the Tableau Server v9.1 protocol.
For further information see Writing Job Results into Tableau Server.

re:dash Integration

re:dash is an open-source web application that allows to easily query an existing database, share the dataset and visualize it in different ways, and create dashboards. From re:dash v8.1, it supports Treasure Data as one of its data sources.


We have added the TD_DIVIDE UDF to the Hive engine, which makes the division of numeric types safer even when the denominator is zero. If the denominator is zero, it returns 0; in all other cases it returns the result of the division between the 2 arguments as expected.

See the documentation page for more info: TD_DIVIDE(num, den)


We have added the TD_SUBSTRING_INENCODING UDF to the Hive engine; it returns the substring or slice of the byte array in input from the 0-index position at most max_len_inbytes with charset encoding. charset is one of those indicated here: java.nio.charset.Charset.

See the documentation page for more info: TD_SUBSTRING_INENCODING(column, length, charset)

Machine Learning: Random Forest & Factorization Machine

Hivemall was upgraded to v0.4.0-1, from v0.3.2-3. This major release supports two major algorithm: Random Forest & Factorization Machine.

Client: td-client-node v0.2.3

REST API client for node.js v0.2.3 was released.
See the package repository here: td v0.2.3

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