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Release Note 20151001

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the October 1, 2015 release:

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Collection: JavaScript SDK v1.5.1

We have released new version of Treasure Data JavaScript SDK. This version was specifically released for supporting old Internet Explorer versions including IE 6, 7, 8. Now our SDK supports major browsers with old versions.

We have also deployed JavaScript SDK onto Fastly CDN to boost your website performance. You need to manually modify your code, to use rather than Please refer the documentation below for updated JavaScript snippet.

All customers using JavaScript SDK, are recommended to upgrade to v1.5.1.

Collection: Data Connector for Salesforce

By using this feature, you can import data from Salesforce without coding anything. You can also schedule the data import as well.

Collection: Data Connector for Marketo (Lead)

By using this feature, you can import Marketo lead information without coding anything. You can also schedule the data import as well.


We have implemented TD_LAT_LONG_TO_COUNTRY() UDF, to convert from geo spatial information to country name. This UDF was already available for Presto, and have implemented for Hive as well.

Client: Java Client Library v0.6

td-client-java v0.6 was released. This is a major upgrade from v0.5, including stability, security, and performance improvements. The package is already published on Maven repository.

You can still use the previous version (0.5.x, released under com.treasuredata group) and new version (0.6.0, released as com.treasuredata.client group) within the application since namespace is different.

Data Science: pandas-td v0.8.5

pandas-td v0.8.5 was released to support read_td_job() function. You can instantly upgrade by Python package manager.

Data Science: Hivemall v0.3.2-3

Hivemall was upgraded to v0.3.2-3, from v0.3.2-2. A significant feature is a support for each_top_k function.

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