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Release Note 20150901

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the September 1, 2015 release:

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Collection: JavaScript SDK v1.4.0

We have released new version of Treasure Data JavaScript SDK. SDK uses JSONP instead of CORS by default to reduce the latency.

All customers using JavaScript SDK, are recommended to upgrade the version.

Presto: Upgraded to 0.113

Presto is upgraded to version 0.113 from version 0.111.

  • Presto version 0.113 release note
  • Presto version 0.112 release note


We have implemented TD_LAT_LONG_TO_COUNTRY() UDF, to convert from geo spatial information to country name. This UDF is available only for Presto at this point.

Client: td v0.12.0

The new version of td command was released.

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