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Release Note 20150801

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the August 1, 2015 release:

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Collection: Integration now supports the streaming ingestion from into Treasure Data. The data is available every 5 minutes for now. Please refer to documentation:

Presto: Upgraded to 0.111

Presto is upgraded to version 0.111 from version 0.108.

  • Presto version 0.111 release note
  • Presto version 0.110 release note
  • Presto version 0.109 release note

Support: ZenDesk

We have migrated our support system to ZenDesk. ZenDesk’s additional features will provide our customers a much better experience. What happens to the old support tickets? No worries! We have migrated all the tickets from old system to ZenDesk.

Client: pandas-td v0.8.3

pandas-td now implements magic funtions to issue the query more easily:

Client: JDBC Driver v0.5.0

JDBC Driver v0.5.0 is released. Also JDBC Driver is open-sourced under Apache License, and the code is available on GitHub.

Client: td CLI v0.11.13

td command v0.11.13 is released. This version supports the efficient data download with msgpack.gz format.

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