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Release Note 20150106

Table of Contents

Features & Improvements

This is a summary of the new features and improvements introduced in this release:

Console: Databases / Tables UI Improved

We greatly improved our Databases and Tables design and layout.

Layout wise, we reorganized the information in tabs where applicable and added a top panel with information and Database/Table description.

We are now able to track the owner of a Database and that its indicated in the Database information on the left hand side of the top panel.
Finally we added permissions controls in a tab of the Database table – assigning permissions can now be accomplished with a simple drag-and-drop to the appropriate import-only (write only), query-only (read only), and full-access (read/write/admin permissions) column.

Console: Databases UI Improved

Console: Tables UI Improved

Console: Team Pages

We opened up the Team pages to all users of the account. All users are able to see the list of users in the account and high-level permissions level (Account Owner / Admin) and can access the user’s profile (which is read only for restricted users) from which a user can:

  • ‘Grant DB Access’ tab: Grant / Revoke database permissions for other restricted users. Note that if the other user is an Administrator or the Account Owner, it has access to all databases.
  • ‘Queries’ tab: See the list of queries other users created against the databases the logged in user has permissions for.
  • ‘DBs’ tab: See the list of databases the other user owns.

Previously, restricted users (that is, non-admin users) were not able to see or access these pages.

Console: Team Pages

Console: Tableau Result Export ‘Site ID’ Option

To make the meaning of the ‘Site’ parameter cleared to users and match Tableau’s nomenclature (as displayed in https://mytableau.server.url/sites), we modified the parameter’s name to ‘Site ID’ in the Console.

For legacy reasons, the defined result export URL and CLI still expect this parameter's name to be 'site' as before.

JDBC: Released JDBC v0.3.1

  • Fixed an exception occurring when attempting to convert a string to date if the field value was ‘NULL’.

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