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Release Note 20141028

Table of Contents

Features & Improvements

This is a summary of the new features and improvements introduced in this release:

Console: Query Syntax Checker

We implemented an inline query syntax checker in the Console query editor for Hive and Presto queries.

The inline syntax checkers performs on-the-fly validation of the syntax as the query string is inputted in the editor. Lines containing errors are indicated by a red marker on the left hand side margin of the editor; hovering over the marker unveils the error message for the query checker.

In the example animation below, the query is initially written in Hive and passes the Hive syntax validation. Afterwards, the engine is switched to Presto; the query is no longer valid and the 3rd line is marked is red. Hovering over the marker displays the Presto Syntax Checker error which explains that backquotes (`) are not support in Presto syntax.
After the mistake is corrected, the error marked is removed and that indicates the syntax is now valid.

Console: Table Schema Editor

Console: Breadcrumbs Navigation

We added breadcrumb navigation to the console pages.

This aids in navigating backwards in the page hierarchy without the need to use the browser’s back button.

Console: Breadcrumbs Navigation

Backend: INSERT OVERWRITE Support for Hive

Along with INSERT INTO the Hive engine now supports the INSERT OVERWRITE statement as well. The INSERT OVERWRITE statement allows replacing data into a table with the result from a SELECT query as opposed to appending as it happens for INSERT INTO.

Please note that the CREATE TABLE AS SELECT statement and 1-hour partitioning are currently not supported as they require more Reducer resources to execute.

Backend: ‘Schema’ Parameter for Result Output to PostgreSQL and Redshift

Query Result Output to PostgreSQL and Redshift now support alternate ‘schemas’. PostgreSQL and Redshift support multiple schemas for the same database.

The alternate schema can be provided through a URL parameter. When no schema is specified the default ‘public’ schema is assumed.

Please refer to the Result Output to PostgreSQL or to Redshift for more information and details.

Client Tools: Released Java Client Library v0.5.4


  • Fixed a Null Pointer Exception when the query string is empty or the user doesn’t provide the query parameter

Bulk Import: Released Java CLI v0.5.5


  • Halt waiting for Bulk Import Perform jobs to finish if the job gets killed

JDBC: Released JDBC Driver v0.2.16


  • Support for date and timestamp for Presto

Bug Fixes

This is the only important Bug Fix made in this release:

Console: Scheduled vs Unsaved Query and Cron Settings

  • [Problem]
    In creating a new query, if the user initially opts to save the query and specifies a custom cron schedule for it, then switches back the query to one-off, the job cannot be run.
    This is due to the server form validation that still takes into account the cron schedule even if the job is unsaved / one off. This causes the form validation to fail and prevents the user from running the query.
    We modified the server form validation to discount the cron schedule if the job is one-off.

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