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Release Note 20141014

Table of Contents

Features & Improvements

This is a summary of the new features and improvements introduced in this release:

Console: Table Schema Editor

Optimized the implementation of the schema editor to have scalable performance when the number of columns in the schema grows beyond 100 and schema aliases are edited.

Also improved the layout of the table schema editor and resized the column name boxes to provide more room for their names.

Console: Table Schema Editor

Bulk Import: Released Java Bulk Import CLI v0.5.4

  • Fixed a problem with the —time-value option not force-overwriting the time field value in each record, if present
  • Fixed the elapsed time computation during the upload step
  • Improved the error message when the Bulk Import encounters a destination table that does not exist

Client Libraries: Released Java Client Library v0.5.3

Improved the error message when the Bulk Import encounters a destination table that does not exist.

JDBC: Released JDBC Driver v0.2.15

Further improved the Connection#getMetaData#getTables method (following up the changes made in v0.2.12 in Release 140902) to return the appropriate value based on the filtering parameters.

Bug Fixes

This is the only important Bug Fix made in this release:

APIs: Access To sample_datasets Shared Database

  • [Problem]
    Attempting to list the tables in the ‘sample_datasets’ shared database fails using the td CLI.
    This is due to the REST API listing the tables accessible to each account based solely on the account number rather that the accessibility property.
    We modified the logic to use the accessibility property so that also the shared databases (currently only sample_datasets is) are included in the list of accessible databases, and their tables can be listed.

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