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Release Note 20140520

Table of Contents

Features & Improvements

This is a summary of the new features and improvements introduced in this release:

Console: Import Data

We added an Import Data page to the Console. It summarizes the various methods customers can use to import data into the Treasure Data Service: Streaming, SDKs, Bulk Import, SaaS, and File Upload.

Console: Import Data - Unselected Console: Import Data - Selected

Each import method has a landing page containing additional details.

Console: Import Data - SDKs

The File Upload is a new Console feature that allows importing a CSV / TSV file straight out from the browser using a simple 3-steps wizard.

Console: Import Data - Web Uploads - Start Console: Import Data - Web Uploads - Start Console: Import Data - Web Uploads - Step 1 Console: Import Data - Web Uploads - Step 2 Console: Import Data - Web Uploads - Step 3

After the CSV / TSV files are successfully uploaded to the Treasure Data Cloud, the imported data is summarized in the Import list page.

Console: Import Data - Web Uploads - End

Console & APIs: Email Notifications

Improved the user invitation and password reset email formats to be closer to the company’s branding. This equally applies to Console and APIs.

Console & APIs: Email Notifications

APIs: Job Duration

Improved the handling of the job ‘duration’ value – the value is calculated on the fly the first time the job is viewed in either the Jobs List, Job Details, or Slow Jobs List pages and stored in the database for later use and faster loading of the pages.

Bug Fixes

This is the only important Bug Fix made in this release:

Backend: Bulk Import conflict

  • [Problem]
    The Bulk Import fails due to a conflict where the ‘/v3/bulk_import/commit_finished/:id’ API is wrongly called by the Bulk Import session while in ‘Committing’ status.
    Reputed to be a problem of timing, the issue is worked around by having the Bulk Import Commit worker retry when it receives error code 409 (Conflict) from the API server.

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