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Release Note 20140422

Table of Contents

Features & Improvements

This is a summary of the new features and improvements introduced in this release:

Backend: Query Result Output

JDBC based Query Result Output (PostgresQL, MySQL, Redshift) filters out deterministic errors to avoid retrying in those cases.

Backend: Pig Engine Improvements

Pig engine’s in-mapper combine which reduces the map’s output is now enabled by default.

Console: Database statistics

Show the number of records, data size, and last import timestamp in the Database list page.

Database statistics

Console: Jobs page Pagination and Advanced Filtering

Added Pagination and Improved the Filtering for the Jobs page to be server side. The filtering capabilities are:

  • All vs User’s own jobs filter
  • Filter jobs by database
  • Filter jobs by status

Console: Jobs page Pagination and Advanced Filtering

Java Bulk Import Library v0.4.12

See Bug fixes section below.

Java Client Library v0.4.0

  • Enabled SSL communication by default.

Ruby Client Library v0.8.59

  • Improved the validation methods for database, table, column, and result set’s names.

Ruby TD CLI v0.11.0

  1. Show cumulative CPU time in the td job:list and td job:show outputs;
  2. The error message when the specified schema has columns containing upper case alphanumeric characters is improved to be more representative of the problem;
  3. td query commands with result output to Treasure Data (--result td://xxxx) validate the database and table naming convention before running the query for efficiency;
  4. The Java bulk import JAR file is now auto-updated. Checking for an updated version is performed hourly;
  5. td query commands with result output specification invite the user to use the -x / --exclude option to avoid outputting the query result to stdout as well;
  6. The ‘Destination’ field in the summary for the Bulk import perform output from the td jobs:show command contains the destination table name in the form of a LOAD DATA SESSION query;
  7. Returning the correct non-zero error codes in the occurrence of an exception;
  8. Declare the td query --sampling option obsolete. A warning indicating the option is obsolete and has no effect will be printed to warn the user.

Bug Fixes

These are the most important Bug Fixes made in this release:

Backend: Pig Engine and Manual Schema

  • [Problem]
    Pig query scripts return 0 records when executed on certain tables with Manual schema.
    The mechanism to combine the splits in the data storage was found to be the root cause.
    This mechanism was disabled to revert the behavior and match the standard Pig implementation.

Backend: Redshift Output in Truncate and Append Mode

  • [Problem]
    Query Result Output to Redshift in Truncate or Append modes stops inserting columns in the destination table after encountering the first mismatching column name/type.
    This was due a problem in the Postgres JDBC driver.
    Columns in the source table matching name and type with the destination table are now handled correctly.

Bulk Import

  • [Problem]
    Bulk Import from MySQL can run into Out Of Memory issues when reading from a large MySQL table.
    Optimized the connection to only fetch a limited amount of data from a MySQL table at a time.

  • [Problem]
    Importing from an Apache web log rejects all records where the content size is 0.
    This is caused by content size 0 being represented by a dash character ‘–’ as expected for the Apache weblog common format.
    The updated Bulk Import library can handle this case.

  • [Problem]
    The tool always returns 0, even when the command has failed.
    Now handling exceptions and returning a non-zero error code when one occurred.

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