Pentaho Report Designer with JDBC Driver

This article will explain how to use Treasure Data with Pentaho Business Analytics using our JDBC driver. By combining Treasure Data with Pentaho, users can process huge volumes of data in the cloud using existing Pentaho instances.

Table of Contents

Download Pentaho Report Designer

Download Pentaho Report Designer from the link below. Version 3.9.0-GA was tested for this article.

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Download our JDBC Driver

Download the driver from the link below. The driver is still in beta, so your feedback would be really appreciated.

This driver works only with Treasure Data. It does not work with other environments such as your local Hadoop/Hive cluster.

Add Treasure Data as Data Source

Let’s add Treasure Data as Pentaho’s data source. Please follow the procedure below.

Step – 1: Add JDBC Driver to Pentaho

Let’s copy the Treasure Data JDBC driver to Pentaho’s jdbc directory. The command for MacOS environment is shown below.

$ cp td-jdbc-VERSION.jar \
  /Applications/pentaho/design-tools/Pentaho\ Report\

Step – 2: Create New Data Source

Navigate to Data -> Add Data Source -> Advanced -> JDBC (Custom). Create a new data source, click GREEN plus button.

Step – 3: Configure JDBC Connection

Next, let’s select Generic database -> Native (JDBC) and configure the jdbc connection as shown below. Be sure to fill in your credentials (your email + password).

Step – 4: Create Reports

You can now create reports using generic SQL queries. Open the window from Data -> Add Datasource -> JDBC to add Treasure Data as the data source for the report. Once you hit the preview button, the job will start running on the cloud (you can confirm this using the td jobs command). You can now design your reports using Treasure Data as your data source.

Last modified: Jul 07 2016 19:00:56 UTC

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