Partial Deletion

This article explains how to delete your imported data by using the td table:partial_delete command.

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  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data, including the toolbelt.

Partial Delete

The td table:partial_delete command lets you delete your imported data within a specific table by specifying the time range.

Generally speaking data that was imported at least 1 hour before or earlier is stored in columnar compressed format and partitioned by hour in what we call 'Archive' storage. Data imported 1 hour before or less, is instead stored 'raw' msgpack compressed format and not partitioned by hour in 'Realtime' storage.

Please note that currently the 'partial_delete' procedure can only delete data from 'Archive' storage and won't alter 'Realtime' storage data in any way.

Since the stored data is partitioned by hour, the arguments for --from and --to must be an integer multiple of 3600 (1 hour). Please refer to td help table:partial_delete for more information.

The data deletion is executed as a job. This means that you can confirm its status by issuing the td jobs command (see Job Management). The -w option allows you to wait until the job is finished.

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