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Result Export

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Result Export allow you to submit the results of a query from numerous different destination Data Sources.

Managing Output Transfer

Creating Authenticated Connections

First, you will want to create an authenticated Connection with any Data Sources you’d like to transfer data out to.

Overview for Creating a Result Export

To create a new Result Export, go to a Saved Query in the TD Console that you want to export the results of.

You can see what queries already have Result Exports set up, by viewing for the named Connection in use in the ‘Output’ tab, as seen in the next visual. Queries without a named Connection present, have no Result Export setup.

Once you click into the saved query, you can see the same result export is setup by seeing if the checkmark & link is present at the top right hand of the page:

Click into the link to see the result export details.

Details on Creating a Result Export

You can see how to run an Result Export from the console by visiting any of our available Result Export documentation. For example:

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