Treasure Data ODBC Driver for 32-bit Applications

This article will explain how to use Treasure Data’s ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver for 32-bit applications. This driver enables you to use Treasure Data with a standard ODBC interface.

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  • Windows 7 or 8.1 (We don’t support other versions)


  • Issued jobs via ODBC doesn’t remain in history

Step1: Install 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

First, please install the following package provided by Microsoft.

Step2: Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package

Please install the followig package as well.

Step3: Install Treasure Data ODBC Driver

Then, please install ODBC Driver provided by Treasure Data. Please download prestogres-odbc-*.gzip, and install the driver.

This driver only works with Treasure Data's Presto Resources. It does not run on other environments, such as your local Hadoop/Hive cluster.

Step4: Launch ODBC Data Source Administrator

Next, we’ll register Treasure Data’s ODBC driver to your system. You need to launch ODBC Data Source Administrator for this. Please check here to know if you’re running 32bit OS or 64bit OS.

For 32bit Windows Users

Please go to Control Panel, and double click ODBC Data Source Administrator (32 bit).

For 64bit Windows Users

Please execute odbcad32.exe from your command prompt.


Step5: Register DSN (Data Source Name)

Please select User DSN tab, click Add button, select Prestogres Unicode, and click Complete button. Then you’ll see the dialog below.

Please fill in the information like below. After that, please click Test to see if the connection works properly. If it works, please click Save to save the DSN.

  • Data Source: Treasure Data
  • Description: Anything
  • Database: Name of Default Database at Treasure Data
  • SSL Mode: require
  • Server:
  • Port: 5439
  • User Name: Email address of Treasure Data Account
  • Password: Password

Once the driver is registerd to your system, it will be seen by BI tools like Tableau Desktop.

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