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Migrating to Presto ODBC Driver

This document discribes how to migrate from Treasure Data ODBC Driver to the new Presto ODBC Driver.

The final day for migrating your ODBC connectivity to the new one is June 6th, 2017. At that time, the current version will stop working.

Table of Contents

Tableau Desktop ODBC Connection

This section convers a step to update your existing datasource in Tableau Packaged Workbook(twbx).

1. Setup Presto ODBC Driver

Please refer to here

2. Edit DataSource

First, open “Edit Data Source” in the existing twbx file.

Then, Connections section contains Treasure Data ODBC Driver’s connection. You can edit it after you open the editor at the pull down menu.

In Other Databases (ODBC) menu, you can change DSN to “Treasure Data Presto ODBC DSN”. After checking the connectivity, you will get same schema / same data as Treasure Data ODBC Driver.

Finally, please confirm whether your workbook can recollect data after you exchange these connections.

Excel ODBC Connection

This section covers a step to update your existing Excel ODBC connection, which is using Treasure Data ODBC Driver.

1. Setup Presto ODBC Driver

Please refer to here

2. Reinstall Excel from 32 bit to 64 bit.

If you use Treasure Data ODBC Driver with Excel, we expect your Excel version is for 32 bit. On the other hands, our Presto ODBC Driver supports only 64 bit version. In this case, please unistall your Excel 32 bit version, and then install Excel 64 bit version. For business use-case, Office 365 subscription package provides both version. Please check it with your Administrator.

3. Open your Excel file using Treasure Data ODBC Driver.

First, please open your existing Excel file using Treasure Data ODBC Driver.

4. Add Presto ODBC connection as DataSource (New Query –> From Other Sources –> From ODBC)

Second, you need to add your Presto ODBC connection as DataSource. You can add it at From Other Sources

5. Exchange Data source setting

In Data source settings, you have already registered one Treasure Data ODBC Driver at least. Please select the setting, and click Change Source.

You can choose Treasure Data Presto ODBC DSN through step 1.

The exchange data source setting is done. The existing worksheet would be kept working. Please try “Refresh All”.

If you have any questions, please email us at support team.

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