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Raw-Data Access to Kochava Events

This article describes how to ingest data from Kochava to Treasure Data. Kochava is a leading mobile attribution and analytics platform. You can ingest data from Kochava to Treasure Data, by using Kochava’s postback mechanism.

Table of Contents

1. Kochava: tracker setup

Here’s a link to Kochava’s support documentation regarding tracker setup from the advertiser’s perspective:

You will then be provided with a unique tracking URL. This tracking URL will include all macros integrated into the template and will look like this:

  • Treasure Data – Android

Click URL

  • Treasure Data – iOS

Click URL

2. Kochava: postback setup

You will then set up a postback to Treasure Data’s endpoint through Kochava’s UI. The fields provided will automatically adhere to the template. Here’s a link to the documentation:

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