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IP whitelists restrict access to a Treasure Data account to a set of IP addresses. There are two types of lists: default account IP whitelist, and user IP whitelist.

The default account IP whitelist affects all users in an account. Only the Account Owner can modify this list.

The user IP whitelist is per user, and only affects a specific user in an account. User IP whitelists can be set by account owners and administrators. Administrators cannot modify another administrator’s IP whitelist. When set, the user IP whitelist replaces the account IP whitelist for that user.

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Account IP whitelists can be set from within the admin page.

The Account Owner or Administrator can enter one or more IP addresses to grant access to the service. Any address that doesn’t match one of the allowed addresses will be rejected access to the service.

All users in a given account use the default account IP whitelist unless a user IP whitelist is specified for that user.

Care must be taken when setting up an IP whitelist, as it may prevent users from having access to the account. If any problem or misconfiguration occurs, please contact our support team at support@treasuredata.com.
In New Console, user IP whitelist does NOT have to include account IP whitelist addresses. In Old Console, user IP whitelist has to include account IP whitelist addresses.


Only Administrators and Account Owners can set up an IP Whitelist for themselves.

Account Owners can modify the IP whitelists of all users in the account.

Administrators can modify the whitelists of non-Administrator or non-Account-Owner users.

Restricted Users cannot modify any whitelists in the account, including their own.

The table below summarizes these concepts:

User type Account Owner Administrator Restricted User Self
Account Owner OK OK OK OK
Administrator X X OK OK
Restricted User X X X X


IP whitelist restrictions don’t apply to any import requests from the following SDKs:

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