json parser plugin for Data Connector

The json parser plugin for Data Connector parse json data. It pulgin takes one optional option as explained below:

Option Description
stop_on_invalid_record Stop bulk load transaction if a file includes invalid record (such as invalid json). (false by default)

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It’s set automatically by guess command for generating load.yml. Or set the parser section’s type json in load.yml, for example:

  type: json

Use Case Example: Amazon S3 to Treasure Data

When your source file is json data like this sample.

Example of Source data

{"time":1455829284,"ip":"example.com","name":"Treasure Data"}

load.yml example is this.

type: s3
access_key_id: <access key>
secret_access_key: <secret access key>
bucket: <bucket name>
path_prefix: <file path>
  type: json
out: {mode: append}
exec: {}

You can show parsed json data which is named record column by preview command.

$ td connector:preview load.yml
| record:json                                                               |
| "{\"ip\":\"\",\"time\":1455829282,\"name\":\"frsyuki\"}"     |
| "{\"ip\":\"\",\"time\":1455829282,\"name\":\"sadayuki\"}"     |
| "{\"ip\":\"example.com\",\"time\":1455829284,\"name\":\"Treasure Data\"}" |
| "{\"ip\":\"\",\"time\":1455829282,\"name\":\"MessagePack\"}"    |

Import to Treasure Data table.

$ td connector:issue load.yml --database <database name> --table <table name>  --auto-create-table

Result table is this.

The json data shows string type, but you can use JSON Functions as below.

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