Chartio with Treasure Data

Chartio provides easy-to-use cloud-based data visualization / exploration service. Chartio users can query directly against Treasure Data, to quickly create Chartio reports and dashboards.

This documentation describes how to connect to Treasure Data from Chartio.

Table of Contents


  • Chartio account
  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Dataa and its account
This is a Presto plan feature. Please contact us if you're interested in this feature.

Step 1: Set up your Data Source

Please access the URLs below. Please replace ORGANIZATION_NAME with your organization name on Chartio.


You’ll see a screen like this one. Fill in the following information:

  • Database Alias: Your data source name
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 5439
  • Two Authentication Mechanisms
    • Username: TD1
      Password: YOUR_APIKEY
    • Username: YOUR_EMAIL
  • SSL: Enable
  • Protocol version: 2

Press the Connect button. This lets you create new data sources, and will take a minute or two. If you have any problems, please contact

Step 2: Create your Chart

Select your dashboard (please create if necessary), and click the Add Element button at the right top of the dashboard screen. Then, select the Data Source created above. A list of tables and fields will be shown on the left column. In this case, we’re using sample dataset containing 5,000 Apache weblogs.

Let’s create the report of distribution of HTTP response code to ensure the website doesn’t return any errors. First, drag Code field to Measures. Then, select aggregation as Count of all Www Access.Code, and choose descending as sort order.

Then, please drag Code field to Dimensions.

Next, please press Select Data button to fetch the results.

Finally, when you choose the diagram type, you can see the result as a pie chart, for example. Press Save to put this on the dashboard.

Step 3: Design your Dashboard

You can add as many charts you want on your dashboard, and arrange them via drag & drop. There are couple of advanced features like ‘scheduled dashboard delivery with email’ and ‘exporting with PDF’ among others.

Next Steps

Please refer the Chartio documentation for further information.

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