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Audience Suite Overview

Audience Suite is a system managed by marketers and other business professionals to create a unified view of their audience.

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End-to-End Customer Data Management

Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform provides you with a seamless means to collect, unify, segment, and activate customer data.

Treasure Data pulls data from a variety of sources and creates a model of your customer data. The model enables you to efficiently receive, and effectively analyze and structure data. You then use the Audience Suite to apply the data to reports, campaigns and communications. You can also use Audience Suite with other marketing systems to create a holistic customer data management system.

Marketer-Friendly Access to Data

Audience Suite provides views of your customers that include attributes and behaviors that you define:

  • Attributes such as Job Title, Location, Language
  • Behaviors, such as page views, timestamps and frequency of visits

In Audience Suite, you can view your data as an audience of users, analyze the audience either as a group or on an individual customer profile level, and create targeted segments of that audience. You can then push highly personalized communications out to the customers or design campaigns that accurately target the segment.

Organizing Your Customer Data

When you purchase a TD license, we establish an Audience Suite for your account, or if you are an existing customer, we enhance your account area. We create an ID-based mapping of your collected data. The data model design takes into consideration:

  • The various data sources you use (Web site log, Customer data from on-premise, 2nd or 3rd party data)
  • If a data source is a member site (If you don’t have member IDs, then cookie IDs cannot be mapped to email addresses)
  • Applications that you plan to use to deliver an advertisement, send by email, or otherwise reach your target population
  • IDs that you would sync to 3rd party vendors (CookieID, CustomerID, email, SNS account…)

Your customer data and database become a data model that represents your audience. We create tables and establish workflows to populate your audience model. Joins are then used to unite customer attributes and behaviors, keying off a customer identifier. TD Javascript SDK is often used to maximize the capture and organization of relevant data.

Use of Workflows

Treasure Workflow is used to populate your audience model and is also used when you syndicate or send real-time segmented customer data to other systems. You cannot edit these workflows. The workflows are created and maintained by Treasure Data to ensure currency and fluidity of your customer data.

Manage Your Customer Data

Within Audience Suite, you can:

  • Respond to market changes, modifying your audience as needed
  • Precisely segment your audience based on attributes, behaviors, and characteristics
  • View the data at the audience level, targeted segment level, or individual customer level
  • Identify patterns of behaviors or strands on commonality in your audience using a form of machine learning that we call Predictive Scoring
  • Activate your customer specific data, perhaps by distributing personalized communications to targeted segments or using vendor tools to further process the segment

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