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Processing Engine & Resource Pool

Audience Builder generates a workflow to unify Master Table, Attribute Tables, and Behavior Tables.

Because workflow tends to be a computationally heavy process, Treasure Data provides a way to avoid the compute resource conflicts with other jobs and processes you’re currently running. In Audience Builder, you can specify the type of Processing Engine to use and associated resource pools.

Table of Contents

Engine Setting

You can choose either Presto and Hive or Hive only as engine settings. Your selection determines which processing engine is used for the audience creation.

We generally recommend Hive only, because it’s designed for large-scale joins and known for robustness, while “Presto and Hive” might perform faster for smaller data sets.

Resource Pool Setting

You can also specify which resource pools to use for each engine (Presto or Hive). Specifying resource pools gives you additional compute resource control.

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