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Announcement: Job History Accessibility (20160919)

We would like to let you know of an upcoming change in the accessibility to the Jobs History of the Treasure Data platform. This change will be in effect starting late October, 2016.

With the growing data volume and usage from our treasured customers, some helpful functionalities we want to offer require us to make trade-offs in other areas. We want to be able to provide a much faster way to list the Jobs in your account together with supporting more complex filtering and searching capabilities. In order to do that, we will start enforcing some limit on how much of the Job History can be accessed by all our customers.

Table of Contents

What Will Change

We will apply these changes in accessibility based on the context:

Page Current New
Jobs list Jobs history of all time Jobs history for past 14 days
Job history in Query editor History of all runs History of runs in past 90 days
Job history via Support N/A Jobs history of any give


Will we be able to see a job and his result by job_id?

You will always be able to retrieve the job by job_id. Per our query’s data retention policy, you will continue to be able to retrieve the result of a job up to 90 days past its execution.

Can we see the history of a scheduled job (e.g. weekly job)?

Yes, you can see the history of that scheduled query and the corresponding result for up to 90 days after each job executed.

Can we retrieve the job list on the CLI?

Yes, you can use td job:list command to access jobs within the last 14 days.

What to Expect

According to our research on existing usage patterns, 99.9% of the current usages would not be affected by this migration. On the other hand, we believe our users will get greater value from the new features and performance improvements that this change will enable us to introduce.

If you have any question, need clarifications, or need help with further assessing the impact of this change, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately through our support channels.

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