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Raw-Data Access to Adjust Events

This article describes how to ingest data from Adjust to Treasure Data. Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers, combining attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics.

Adjust tracks basic in-app events like clicks / sessions / install by its own SDK, and also you can track your custom events. Everytime these events occur in Mobile, it will be notified to Adjust, and then Treasure Data. This integration is configured by simply setting up callbacks. Treasure Data stores all historical raw events, and allows you to analyze via SQL.

Please check the document below to ingest data from Adjust to Treasure Data.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Platform settings

In adjust admin console, click the app menu and click the setting of app to which you would like to enable postback integration with Treasure Data(‘test-app’ is the app name in this tutorial).

Then, select ‘Platform Settings’ in the SETTING section.

In the Platform Settings, input your ‘App ID’ which depends on the platform you selected. Please see Which app ID should I use? for the details. In this tutorial, we selected ios and app id will be numeric numbers.

Step 2: Treasure Data settings

In the same way above, you can now see the ‘Partner Setup’ in the setting. Go to ‘Partner Setup’, click ‘ADD PARTNERS’ and type ‘Treasure Data’ in the search box and click plus button to add Treasure Data.

Then you can now go the following page to configure the settings.

  • API Key: Treasure Data’s write key. You can get the write key from your Treasure Data console(see Get the API Key).
  • DB ID: Database name in Treasure Data you would like to send data.
  • Table ID: Table name in Treasure Data you would like to send data.

  • Event Linking(Option): string data to be inserted in Treasuredata when corresponding custome events are triggered in the app. Custom events can be defined in Events page.

We defined 4 custom events(event1,event2,event3,event4) in advance for the app as follows(App->Settings->Event). Click/Install/Reattribution/Session events are pre-defined.

All settings are done. Lets see how data is coming from the app.

Check postback with sample app.

We used the sample application provided by adjust(see here). Here is how we set event triggers.

  • Check ‘App token’.

  • Check ‘Event token’.

  • Set ‘App token’ and ‘Event token’ in Constants.m file.

  • Launch the app and click some links.

  • Check adjust are collecting data in the statics page. In this tutorial, check the sandbox mode to see the data.

  • See data is coming from adjust to Treasure Data.

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