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In Treasure Data, there are several options for reporting. In Audience Studio, there is the Dashboard which is the standard included reporting tool. There are multiple business intelligence tools you can export to such as Tableau, Looker, and

Treasure Data also offers an add-on feature called Treasure Reporting.


The Audience Studio has a reporting option with the Dashboard. Here you can easily view current volume and growth rates of existing master segments as well as view and compare existing segments within a master segment. You can adjust the dashboard to suit your reporting needs.

Treasure Insights (BETA)

Treasure Insights is an embedded interactive analytics module that you can access in the TD Console.

  • Model. Gather and combine massive amounts of data from Treasure Data databases and tables.

  • Analyze. After you create your data models, interact with it visually in the TD Console. Quickly create dashboards and the widgets that provide data to the dashboard.

  • Impact. Treasure Insights contains Review dashboards, apply filters, and update widgets in real-time to get insights and take action.

Business Intelligence Tools

You can also use the TD Console to connect with external BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, Charti.o and others by setting up integrations in the Catalog to those tools.

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